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We Aim for the Stars, and that's what you should look at when joining the most extensive network of top Media Buyers and the Best Affiliates.

With Mediazy, Go Big or Go Home

Home of 200 webmasters, MediaZY is a CPA affiliate network. You can expect new offers every week, new geo at least one per month, the highest same-day payouts, and an efficient support team available 24/7 while working with us.

After conquering the local market, we expand to the European market, with Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Portugal, etc.  GEOs on board, we extend our humble invitation to you to join us on our big mission.

Work Experience

With a life-long passion for boosting sales and traffic for our clients, our network of 17 worldwide offices is over five years old now. Our team consists of some masters of the field with decades-long experience providing the best business solutions according to our client’s marketing needs.

Known in the market for producing significant results and efficient results, our unique tools, and professional strategies are one of a kind. Our highly-trained customer support is the most friendly, welcoming, and valuable, and our platform is easy to use.

We take the marketing pain for clients and provide them with solutions that are meant to generate profits.

Our Mission

We work hard to make and maintain a healthy work environment where businesses and affiliates can connect and boost their earnings.



To ensure a smooth working experience with efficient communication and payouts.



Advanced technology and specialized techniques for the best resultss.



Dedication and commitment to serve the best


Built-In Compliance


Real-Time Stats

Advertiser Portal

Our Products

We offer a range of specialized marketing products and tools designed to help you achieve your ambitious goals.

Key Values

Continuing the best traditions of teamwork, we create a history of our company, proud of its employees.

Commitment to Evolution

We are committed to stay ahead of the market and advance our tools, strategies, methods, and approaches so that you can have the best results in the least time.


Credibility is the currency our network operates on. We consistently fulfill our commitments and never make a promise we can't keep. You can count on us to go above and beyond. Years of work have become a confirmation of this.


We like to stand out from the ordinary and go the extra mile to generate the best results. Our team is passionate about their job and leaves no stone unturned to develop the most creative solutions.


We never get tired because we love what we do. We are dedicated to generating the best results for our clients and never rest until it's done.

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Earned today

Become a part of our associate family and enjoy our heavy traffic and highest EPC

Earns together, stays together!

A two-way business relationship in which our team helps media buyers and affiliate networks come together for the best and generate the maximum profits!


Our user-friendly platform, managed by our professional team, provides heavy traffic to the media buyers and hefty profits to the affiliate network.

Why Choose Us

We offer a win-win deal to both the affiliate network and media buyers.


We are cost-effective because we optimize traffic.


We use High-End Technology for the best results.


We are transparent with our media buyers and affiliate network.


Our expert teams use professional marketing tools such as social media marketing.


We are a tried and tested name in the market.

24/7 Support Assistance

A dedicated Affiliate Manager, appointed to keep your experience smooth with us, remains available for your assistance 24/7.

Relevant Traffic

Keep your traffic from straying. The focus is to make profits. We provide the right traffic for your business and the right business for your traffic using our effective Social Media Marketing techniques.

On-Time Payments

As an extension to our transparency policy, you can choose from our daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly payouts.

Exclusive Offers


Heavy Traffic for Media Buyers and Hefty Profits for Affiliate Network.


Easy-to-Use Platform with constant surveillance from an Expert Team.


Effective and Smooth Communication between Media Buyers and Affiliate Network.


Efficient Reporting to keep track of traffic and profits.


Professional tools for Social Media Marketing and Desktop Traffic.

Become An Affiliate

We partner with affiliate networks and media buyers from diverse backgrounds.
We have our professional ties with businesses and affiliates from all fields, disciplines, and niches. So, there is no discrimination here as long as you are interested in growing your business or traffic.

You can partner with us and profit if your answer to any of the following questions is a YES

How Does It Work?



Your profit and traffic are just one form away from you.
Fill up a quick form to understand your requirements, and that’s all it will take on your part to get traffic and make profits.


Drive Traffic


Earn Commission


It starts with you registering with us, and our expert team handles the rest.

Register now, and our team will teach you how to surf on the tides of profits.

Still, have questions? We are here to help!

Join Our Associate Program and convert your traffic into profit. Our worldwide network has the right business for your traffic and the right traffic for your business.

What will you get?

Highest Conversion Rate, Best AOVs, and more orders-per-customer.

The most extensive affiliate incrementality study conducted studied more than 21 million retail consumers and 5.5 million transactions. The results showed that compared to other channels, when an affiliate is in the mix brands, it yields higher conversion rates, higher AOVs, more orders per customer, which compounds to deliver 88% higher revenue per shopper.

Check out our affiliate incrementality calculator to get an idea of the compounding effect the affiliate channel can have on your business.

Experience Exponential Growth

Grow exponentially with our rich experience in advertising. We promise the highest conversion rates, ensuring more transactions and EPC.

Traffic Types:








Our Solutions

Connecting Top Media Buyers with the Best Affiliate Network for the highest Desktop Traffic and EPC


Industry-Leading Affiliate Marketing Network


Full-Service Programmatic Solutions


White-Label Partner Management Solution


Campaign Management

Make it to the top

Grow your business to its peak with the help of our excellent affiliate network, which drives traffic, generates leads, and boosts sales.


Pay as per your priority. We offer pricing models that includ

Cost-Per-Action (CPA)

Cost-Per-Lead (CPL)

Cost-Per-Engagement (CPE)

Cost-Per-Click (CPC)

Why Work With Mediazy?

The largest connection bank, transparent business approach, and decades-long experience have given MediaZy credit for many big names’ success. We have a vast and global network to provide top media buyers with the best affiliate networks and vice versa.

User-Centric Approach

Unique tools

Local expertise

Global reach


Need Help?

Ask Us!

Merchant or affiliate, we are here to assist you with any queries.

Please contact us and find out how we can make the most out of our partnership.


225 Calea Mosilor Street, Building no. 33-35, entrance no. C, Bucharest, Romania

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